Muzaffer TUZCU, MD

Co-Founder, Chief of R&D and Innovation

Dr. Tuzcu was trained as a Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon. In his 17-year career as a surgeon, he has had extensive experience in the operating room, intensive care unit, emergency care units, wards, and out-patient clinics in the first-hand use of a wide range of medical devices. He has also participated in the medical device purchasing processes of the hospitals he has worked in.

Throughout his surgical career, Dr. Tuzcu has published clinical research papers, translated several medical textbooks from English into Turkish, and has served as the editor of a medical journal for many years.

Dr. Tuzcu has worked in the medical device sector as a consultant for more than 23 years now. He has deep sectoral experience in medical device training, quality management systems, MDD/MDR
document preparation and review, ETO sterilization/production process validation, R&D/product line development, and adoption of new production technologies into the medical device sector.


Ayça Batmaz, MSc. Biomedical Engineer

Co-founder, General Manager

Ms. Ayça Batmaz has received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Bioengineering, from Istanbul Technical and Montana State Universities. She has also received her Master of Engineering degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas, at Arlington.

Before she started her career in the medical device sector, she also had experience in manufacturing thermoplastic compounds in a manufacturing facility located in Georgia, USA.

She has worked on clinical evaluation reports, regulatory compliance processes, and post-market surveillance activities for 3 years in the medical device industry. She has experience in designing and executing post-market clinical follow-up studies within the scope of disposable, implantable, and electro-medical devices.

She carried out studies on statistical data analysis, device-specific clinical performance and safety data collection and appraisal, and state-of-the-art benchmarks of medical devices, along with the implementation of usability engineering, risk of quality management systems for medical devices.